General eCommerce Issues

Getting lately labored on several eCommerce websites consecutively, I needed to say a couple of issues that needs to be considered if you’re planning to market anything online. Although I’ve got a current favorite eCommerce package, I have tried to make these useful hints separate from any particular software.


Many software programs have only the built-in capability to handle one picture per item. If you would like more pictures, make certain you’ve some kind of work-around in position.

Also, a few of the popular software programs require that every picture have a similar aspect ratio. Quite simply, every one has to become a square or perhaps a rectangle which has the number of 2:3, etc.

The best choice, in case your software programs are like this, would be to only use the defaults of the camera. An average camera takes pictures inside a 4:3 ratio. Just make certain you are taking all of your pictures together with your camera oriented exactly the same way. Quite simply, all horizontal or all vertical.

A workaround, if you won’t want to take all of your pictures oriented exactly the same way, would be to then add “white-colored space” to every picture. Inside your specific situation, you might have to apply certain color apart from white-colored, therefore it will blend to your website well.

The best choice would be to be aware of limitations of the software before all of the pictures. This way, you are able to work within its boundaries to offer the the best results.

Inventory Control

Will you have several of the very same bit of merchandise inside your store? If that’s the case, you’ll need some kind of inventory control. Your site will have to track the number of of the item you’ve available. It’ll need to take away stock when it’s purchased, and take away your opportunity once the item is sold-out.


There are many payment options available. Clearly, you are able to take charge cards figures directly and process individuals together with your local bank. If that’s the situation, you may need a secure server so the charge card information is encrypted.

The choice is by using something like PayPal or 2CheckOut. Both allow you to take all of the customer information except the payment info. Then you definitely pass the consumer to their website, and send it well for your website once you have compensated.


There are many various ways that you could calculate shipping. The very first, and many accurate, is exact cost by weight. Several shipping companies let your website communicate directly with their own to obtain accurate shipping costs according to zipcode and weight.

The down-side for this the first is you need to keep an eye on just how much all of your products weigh. Also, for those who have lightweight products, it may be somewhat irrelevant.

Another alternative is really a shipping table. This is often according to either weight or cost. You identify weight or cost ranges, and base your shipping costs off that. For instance, as much as 5 pounds might cost $5 to ship. Then, as much as ten pounds might cost $7 to ship. As much as 15 pounds might cost $9. And so forth, to whatever maximum weight or cost you need to ship.

Let’s say someone covers the utmost? To begin with, one choice is to create the utmost with a absurdly large number like 999999 pounds. Then you definitely will not need to bother about them groing through that maximum. However, there’s still the chance that their shipping will definitely cost far more than believed.

There are 2 fundamental options I would recommend. One, you are able to simple send them a bill stating that they must pay XYZ more for shipping. Make certain this comes with an alert in your site that orders costing (or weighing) over XYZ dollars (or pounds) might be susceptible to additional shipping charges.

The choice, and my personal favorite, would be to simply spend the money for expense yourself. Ideally, when you need to bother about a scenario like this, the individual has purchased a lot of merchandise of your stuff, and would appreciate a rest like this. It may certainly create a good impression.

Make certain you retain a running total of methods much you’ve billed for shipping versus. just how much you’ve spent. If, red carpet several weeks to some year, the thing is the figures aren’t quite arranging, tweak your rates.

Although there are more means of shipping, individuals are typically the most popular two, and definitely the simplest to keep.

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