Quick Tips for Your AV Installation

Most corporations will see a need for a good AV system at some point. But sourcing a good AV installation isn’t as simple as picking a bunch of equipment out of a catalog. A lot can go wrong.

These quick tips will help your AV installation go much more smoothly, and will help ensure you get to enjoy your system for many years.

Consider your long-term goals.

Will you be moving into a new building within the next five years? Do you plan to open new offices or expand existing ones? These are all great things to tell your AV company, as they can have a big impact on what it’s going to take to generate the right solution for you.

For example, some systems are more portable than others: good to know if you’re going to try to work your way into a bigger office.

Try not to rush.

Chances are you’ll be using your new AV system for at least the next 5 years or so. A really good system may last you for a decade, even as technology continues to improve. But that only happens when you take the time to really evaluate your options.

Work with an AV engineer to custom-design a solution. No two businesses, buildings, or purposes are alike. AV companies who act as if they are tend to do a poor job of meeting their customer’s needs.

Buy the best tech you can afford. 

AV tech is like any other technology in the 21st century. It evolves fast, which means whatever you purchase could become obsolete fast. If you purchase your AV system with an eye towards maintaining the bleeding edge then your system will help you maintain a competitive edge for far longer.

This is where having an AV engineer comes in handy. This professional can help you identify where top tech intersects with your budget.

Make sure the AV company you choose works with a variety of top brands.

The equipment you choose will have a big impact on the price of the system. The quality of the equipment you choose will have a big impact on how enjoyable and useful the system is.

But getting great equipment doesn’t always mean paying top dollar. Sometimes a really good AV company partners with multiple manufacturers so they can help their customers take advantage of major manufacturer discounts.

Never compromise on support.

Who needs an AV company who is gonna love you and leave you? Some AV companies are only seeing short-term dollar signs when they look at you. You need a company that wants to build a relationship. Someone local, who will send technicians within 24 hours and help you resolve problems as they arise.

After all, there are few things more frustrating than buying a sleek, sophisticated, and beautiful set of AV equipment only to watch it malfunction. There’s nothing more frustrating than finding out your AV company is willing to leave you high and dry over it. Ask about the company’s service policy before you sign any contracts…and hold them to it.