Understanding the Benefits of Automation for your Business

Technology is advancing exponentially and the use of machines seems inevitable in future. Regardless of your job specifications, chances are that soon robots will execute a certain percentage of those duties better and more accurately. For workers in the developed countries, this reality may hit home sooner than later.

Studies indicate that a huge percentage of Employees in various developed countries will be automated in the near future. Low-income labor is said to be more vulnerable to automation. While change is certain in many of the physical professions, knowledge-based jobs especially those that require special expertise and skills are at risk with some of the positions already getting replaced.

·       Disrupting the Industry

The increasing use of the universal robot is a chance to obstruct the economic state via automation. If you are an entrepreneur and want to transform the performance of your business by adopting modern methods, the following approaches will come in handy.

·       Think about Value as Opposed to Cost

As an entrepreneur, you should devise new strategies of doing things to achieve success. For instance, if you want to change production procedures successfully, you need to focus on creating value as opposed to managing or minimizing costs. Many people will advise you to begin by producing cheaper products than your competitors.

Of course, this is neither a viable business advantage nor is it a justification for launching a new business, since many other entrepreneurs are likely to do a similar thing. Rather, focus on implementing absolutely new strategies of executing your business activities. Many people are of the opinion that established companies flourish out of their ability to diminish their competitors in regard to price.

This may not be the case since studies show that some of the most successful companies have attained tremendous growth by having unique strategies such as enhanced service and product delivery to their consumers. Entrepreneurs should remember that by creating value, they are serving themselves as much as they are serving others.

Only when your customers are satisfied are you able to earn profits. Again, if your aim is to continue making them happy, it is critical to understand who they are. By establishing a target market for innovative services or products and displaying a commitment to delivering value, you will attract more customers who will be willing to pay for your services. Many consumers are not bothered by cost if they can receive far much greater value.

·       Create your Problem

Many entrepreneurs opine that in order to achieve success, they have to solve a certain problem. This is likely to lead potential entrepreneurs into searching for problems in need of solutions. This approach can only be termed as shortsighted. In order to obstruct a market, you should create a non-existent problem.

Take the internet, for instance, many years ago, people could easily survive without the internet. Today, Smartphone manufacturers are currently selling millions of phones each year, which was not the case when they were first invented. No one thought they would be a solution to any problem back then. Today, however, people cannot survive without phones.

·       Think Beyond the Already Existing Systems

Avoid paying too much attention to already existing procedures and products. Instead, devise ways of enhancing them. This strategy is however geared towards cutting down costs rather than generating value.


By adopting the above strategies, you are penetrating the realm of established organizations and attempting to outplay them at their own game. Remember that these organizations are doing everything they can to enhance their production procedures. However, you will have an edge over them when you focus on creating value. Of course, this means that you will pay less attention to what other organizations are doing and concentrate more on things that need to be done. Automation is neither new nor does it signify the end of human labor. Every innovation enhances labor productivity and efficiency hence helping entrepreneurs achieve their desired standards.

The takeaway here is that each innovation increases our labor productivity, meaning we can do more work more efficiently, reaching our desired standard of living along the way. For entrepreneurs, the latest wave of automation presents new opportunities to disrupt the economy and create a brighter future for everyone. And that doesn’t sound like any sci-fi movie to me.